VAILA is K.’s second mini-album about the remote Shetland island of Vaila.

„Enlivened by epic orchestrations and sprinkled with autumnal melancholy […] gentle, haunting and beautiful vocals.“ Rolling Stone France

„Out of the ordinary, because of the singer’s particular breath. Whatever the tempo, he lives each track with a subtle intensity.“ Tsugi Mag

„Inspired by his vulnerable dreams, we’re overwhelmed by the beauty of „Ultraviolet“, the opener, as well as the intoxicating „Into The Flow“ and „Thai Clothes […] Escape with Konstantin Schimanowski’s sublime new EP.Les Oureilles curieuses

„Diving inside the colorful light […] It sounds wide and big – almost like film music.“ Badische Zeitung

„A magnificent beauty, shock infatuation included.“ Frizz Magazin





Konstantin Schimanowskis debut E.P. Vague Pure Affection is a love letter to an island in the deep north of Europe. The little Shetland island of Vaila. It is a sprawling collection of lush and airy songs, showcasing the artist talent in both songwriting and production. The music seems to drift high above the ground and Schimanowski’s voice breaks out of every pattern introduced – liberating itself the most in the E.P’s fourth track „Crossing the Bridge“, where it leaps with bold passion into another space.

„Remis is a gorgeous masterpiece to which every single human being should give a listen.“ Where the music meets

„A surprising mini-LP debut with 5 songs, whose escapist artpop melancholy creates a beautiful darkness that hardly seems to be of this world.“ Flight 13

Flawless mix between ascending synths to get you into the perfect trip.Indie Criollo (about Painting of Light)

„How profane to talk about it: It takes all the magic out of it.“ Badische Zeitung