Composer / Soundartist, lives in Berlin

The works of the enigmatic sound-artist are exhibited across Europe, e.g. at BRUTUS in Rotterdam and the Museum Mies van der Rohe Haus in Berlin. His art-pop music has been reviewed glowingly in publications like Rolling Stone and Tsugi Mag in France, his songs played on international radio and even made its way into the MoMA in New York.

He wrote the music for the cinema film Frau Stern – released via Neue Visionen – and composed the scores for various art films that were shown in exhibitions throughout Germany, including at the Werkleitz Festival 2023.

His works, whether pop-musical or in the field of contemporary art, deal with the various manifestations of the spirit in a technocratic-rationally organized world and with the relationship between the synthetic and the natural.


VAILA E.P. via KINO records

A Drop of Sunlight Shadow soundart sculpture, part of Petromelancholia