Composer / Soundartist, lives in Berlin

Born in Olenegorsk, Soviet Union

Immigration to Germany at the age of eight, settling in the High Black Forest

Of mixed decent, having german, cossack and ukrainian roots

Studied philosophy and history of art at the Albert-Ludwig University, Freiburg i. Brsg.

Became Master of Arts in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at the University of the Arts, Berlin


Vague Pure Affection via St.Vladimir

Oil Suites soundart-suites

VAILA E.P. coming 2023 

Бесконечный День (The Infinite Day) musical versions of poems written by Sergei Sviatchenko Listen to Время / Time


2020  Talk Into The Blue Box  Single featuring Susie Asado

2018  Singing Yesterday’s News Again  Vinyl Release of the documenta radio project by Nicholas Bussmann and Natascha Sadr Haghighian

2016  Landschaft der Zeit – Ein Hörspieleessay  Gradiation work SoundStudies and Sonic Arts

2016  OOO – TRIPS  Musicalbum

2015  Gravity  SoundStudies Soundcompilation

2011  beautiful loser – crime killing joker man  Musicalbum


2021 – Berlin – Haus der Kulturen der Welt Performance as part of the exhibition Kosmoskopien

2019 – Berlin – Hansabibliothek DREAM MACHINE  Performance for the reopening of the renovated library at the heart of the Interbau57

2019 – London – The Mosaic Rooms  contribution to the work Body Side by Ali Meer Azimithe in the Exhibition When Legacies Become Debts 

2018 – Innsbruck – Taxipalais Kunsthalle Tirol  contribution to the exhibition Amelica by Nicholas Bussmann

2015 – Berlin – Hamburger Bahnhof Museum für Gegenwart performing the Black Mountain Archive by Arnold Dreyblatt


2023   Dendriten by Juliane Henrich at Werkleitz Festival 2023

2022   Welt als Draht by Juliane Henrich

2019   Frau Stern by Anatol Schuster via Neue Visionen

2013   Der Student von Prag

2012   Reisezeitschleife by Francesco Tacoli