Composer / Soundartist, lives in Berlin

Konstantin Schimanowski is a re-immigrated German of Black Sea German descent.

He studied philosophy and art history, where he became interested in Land Art and the philosophy of Martin Heidegger. He wrote his final thesis on the topic of deconstruction as a principle of social renaissance.

He is an art-pop musician and released two albums about the Shetland island Vaila.

At the University of Arts in Berlin he did a master’s degree in SoundStudies and Acoustic Communication. He wrote his master’s thesis in the field of acoustic architecture, studying the interplay of natural and cultural sounds during a trek along the Adriatic-Vienna Pipeline.

His works, whether pop-musical or in the field of contemporary art, deal with the various manifestations of the spirit in a technocratic-rationally organized world and with the relationship between the synthetic and the natural.



A Drop of Sunlight Shadow soundart sculpture, part of Petromelancholia

Бесконечный День (The Infinite Day) musical versions of poems written by Sergei Sviatchenko