Konstantin Schimanowski was born close to Murmansk in the russian part of the Soviet Union.

He began composing music and performing on stage at a very early age.

At the age of eight he and his family moved to Germany, settling in the High Black Forest. He is of mixed decent, having german, cossack and russian roots.

After studying Philosophy and History of the Arts he moved to Leipzig, Germany and then further to Berlin to become a Master of Arts in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts.

In Berlin he met Kris Steininger and Sergei Sviatchenko, who collaborate with him on his solo musical works. He is also contributing to exhibitions of contemporary art and writes scores for movies.

Current projects:

Vague Pure Affection | Released via St.Vladimir

Vaila | E.P. releasing 2023 

Бесконечный День (The Infinite Day) | musical versions of poems written by Sergei Sviatchenko | Listen to Время / Time

Past music projects:

2016 | TRIPS – OOO

2011 | crime killing joker man – beautiful loser